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  • Level: 7 Figures
  • Niche: Accounting
  • Location: Miami, FL, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Andrew Argue started working with Sam Ovens in January 2016 and by the end of the year he had made over $2,000,000 with the strategies taught to him in the program. Andrew and his wife Amanda moved into their dream apartment in Miami and now life the life of their dreams.


Hey guys, it's here and I just want to take a couple minutes and share a little bit about my story and how working with Sam completely changed my entrepreneurial journey for the better. I quit my job about three years ago and for about two and a half years I was working, struggling along, trying all sorts of things. For a long time I didn't make hardly any money at all. I finally scraped together a little bit of a business. I was doing about 17,000 a month before I met Sam. Honestly, when I met Sam I could just instantly tell this guy knew what he was doing. He opened my mind in to a whole new world, unbelievable the vision that I could see that I could never see before. That's the biggest thing about working with Sam, when you're applying at this low level, even 17,000 a month, I just think that was a tremendous amount of money, but really that was just the low level. I couldn't see what was above, because I was just at that low level. That's really what Sam does is he just helps unlock a vision of what possible beyond what you can see, because you're so low. After literally only five months, I went from 17,000 dollars a month in sales on my business to 217,000 a month in sales in one month. I wouldn't normally believe that, but that is literally what happened. There's no joke in that. That is exactly the transformation that happened in just five months. I would've never ever thought to try something like that, because it seems so absurd, but that's literally the process that Sam took me through. There's absolutely no way I would have had any idea what to do without working with him. Look, if you're considering working with Sam, the biggest thing I can is, if you're on the fence right now or you're thinking about it, once you make that decision, just go in it full fledged. Do every single thing he says. That's really the reason why I succeeded. I just basically submitted myself to him. Whatever he said to do I did. He made me do some pretty uncomfortable things. Calling back people that had told me no and saying, "This is a really good thing. You should do this". Going through that type of a process after someone had rejected me, things like that. Other things that I had to do before I was afraid to do, Sam pushed me into a new place which unlocked this whole new world of possibilities and took me through this unbelievable transformation. If you're thinking about working with Sam, honestly the investment is so small. It's literally the cheapest thing I've done in my entire life for the results that I've achieved It's a total no-brainer for anybody that ready to let it in and make the transformation. I would 100% recommend working with Sam. I hope you make the same decision that I did.