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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Mortgage Broker
  • Location: Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Consulting Accelerator

Matt has used Consulting Accelerator to learn new methods for attracting and landing new clients. Along the way, he has found the biggest turning point to be with his mindset. He believes in Sam's content and recommends the program to others.


Hey, guys. My name is Matt Willoughby. I'm from Auckland and I'm actually a mortgage broker so I'm not a consultant. As such, I've got my own mortgage broking business at the moment still just me. But, since doing Sam's course, the Consulting Accelerator, since obviously implementing what I've learned in the course, things have been awesome. Things have been great. But to rewind, It was about two years ago when I first purchased Consulting Accelerator from memory. Look, I was just pretty much like every other financial services person, insurance mortgage broker but I was just cold calling. It's just what you did. We all know cold calling is all but dead and still the reason why some of my colleagues do it now, I don't know why. It baffles me. Since implementing Sam's products, the Facebook ads in particular so all the skill based stuff, Facebook adds and door to door remarketing, retargeting, it's been huge. Landing pages has been huge. Even just learning unbouncing, things like that has been huge. But particularly I think it's actually been the mindset side of things with Sam's course that has been the biggest turning point. The difference between my top line revenue, two years ago compared to now has been bit over double and I put that down to Sam's course without a doubt. Can't recommend it highly enough and he is where he is because he knows his stuff, it's as simple as that. Once again, can't recommend all of his content that he puts out, that he produces highly enough and I'm looking forward to his next products in the future.