4 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Finance/Credit
  • Location: Florida, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Steve is looking forward to seeing success with his business.


Hello everyone. My name is Steve Revere from Orlando, Florida. I purchased the initial accelerator program about a year ago after leaving corporate America for 32 plus years in the financing credit related field, and have the aspirations of opening my own consulting company related to small and mid cap businesses helping them achieve their credit needs and negotiate, quite frankly, loan and loan terms and structures that can better benefit the business versus some institutions, financial institutions, trying to basically cram down a loan that they don't necessarily need or structured in a way that doesn't best meet or align with the owner's goals. Honestly, I have not had the opportunity, and it's my own fault, to work with the program, although I can tell you that I have several friends and associates, colleagues, that use the program and have had great successes with it. I can't wait now after spending the money, frankly, to get the initial program to see and utilize the revised and updated program, which the testimonials and the reviews that I've done are outstanding. I'll be happy to report back my findings once I've had an opportunity to engage the program and use Sam's recommendations to fulfill my aspirations for my consulting company. Best wishes to all and I'll look forward to meeting some of you perhaps online and exchanging success stories. Thanks much.