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  • Location: NUEVO LEON, Mexico
  • Consulting Accelerator

Dan used Consulting Accelerator to make an impactful positive change in his life, start growing a business and start realizing his true potential.


Hey, this here. I've been on the training for, this two months, and it's been a really nice experience. You can learn a lot from Sam Ovens. In my life, I've been a worker since ... I'm 36 years old, and I have work all my life, and I wanted to do something with my life. Then I realized that on this program you can do it by helping other people, doing what you most want to, doing what you ... It is something that is passionate for you. Well, in my experience, it gives you all the tools that you need to do it, to get your own customers on the field that you are most comfort, and knowing that your work is going to help a lot of people. So that is really nice for me, and it really change your life. I'm really happy to be ... Of being on this program, and probably you will be too. So thank you.