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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Accountants
  • Location: Horsley, NSW, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Fabio has used the Consulting Accelerator course to transform his business and life. He is on schedule to quit his full-time job soon and continue scaling his consulting business.


Hi everyone, my name is , living in Wollongong, Australia just outside of Sydney. I've been a web developer for a while on the side while having full time jobs and not really scraping much years. Probably making like, you know, four or five thousand a year some years. Some years just doing nothing because I was just doing free work. I ended up seeing Sam's post on Facebook while browsing the Facebook feeds that I have. I had tried different consultancy type programs and different schemes in the past and none of them really worked. I decided to then take Sam's course, which was a bit of a struggle for me, financially, but I took the course and from day one, minute one, I was really confident this would be my thing to help me out. My confidence shot straight up, quite straight away, quite immediately. As I did the course, two, three, four weeks into it I was able to plan my business like I have never planned before. I was doing things, and strategizing, and putting things into place that would actually set me up for every single job. That's something I had never done before, and I was very pleased and confident going out into the world giving my services, providing my services with this in mind. The support group is fantastic, Sam is fantastic, the teams are fantastic, and I felt like the mentorship I got through him and the team is great, something that I had never done before and felt before with other people. Even face to face and knowing the people and the mentors, I never felt I got that genuine guidance from anyone. Now I'm making two, three, four jobs a month and they're actually enough to sustain me, so I'm very close to quitting my full time job, which I'm happy to say, and I plan to work from home, so all I really need is my laptop and my mobile. It gives me the liberty to work from anywhere I want to be. I have been trialing that out for two or three months now, so very close. I do recommend this course for anyone. I don't recommend you try it, I recommend you do it, you implement it into your life, because it's a very unique, once in a life time opportunity, in my opinion. As I said I've been a web developer, logos, brand, all the kind of stuff, since I was 17. I'm now 35, almost 36, I've got a child, a 10 month old beautiful boy, and this is setting me up for the future. I do recommend you do it, don't think twice. If you need me I'm on the consulting group as well, , look me up if want some more tips and my experience. Everyone in the group is fantastic, so just try it. Thanks.