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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Accounting
  • Location: Grand Rapids, MI, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before starting to work with Sam, Remy was focused on doing the work to help the customer. He learned new distinctions which has helped him in his business and position himself as an expert. He recommends others who will put in the work will see positive results like he has seen.


Hi. I'm David Remington. I work as an accounting consultant out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. So before I started working with Sam and the program, I really operated more as a contractor. I was more focused on doing the work. I was more focused on process, the how, and not really so much providing a solution to the customer. As I started learning a lot of things in Sam's program, one thing I learned was well a consultant really is more providing consultative advice, not so much just doing the task as an extra set of hands. And that was an important distinction for me to draw in my mind in my business. As a result, working with Sam's program, and also learning how to position myself as being in command, the alpha person in a meeting when doing a presentation, it really helped me to reframe in my mind the difference between consulting and what I really was doing, which was more contracting. As a result, I have much better clientele now. I frame my projects much better, more smartly. I have relearned the importance of being able to simply accept a no and walk away from a piece of business instead of tossing concessions. I've learned the importance of how valuable it is to get to yes or even no during the initial consult, not to drag things out. Sam will tell you during the training that, "Hey, it's 10% theory, 90% doing," and he's right. Like a good physical therapist, he will challenge you along the way. When he says, "Stop, do the exercise," that is foundational and fundamental to actually do it at that point. As someone who raced ahead at first, I learned I need to go back and really do that important homework, and then the pieces fit together for me. So if you're willing to do the work, the hard work, and don't expect it to come together in say, a few days, but you're willing to put a few months into this, I think you'll see the same positive results I've seen. Again, David Remington, Grand Rapids Michigan, I'm an accounting consultant. Thank you.