5 Rating:
  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Non-profit
  • Location: McDonald, TN, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

John was looking to fulfill his dream. He learned through Consulting Accelerator how to pick a niche and his improve his mindset which is allowing him to start taking his company nationally across the United States. He recommends the course to others.


Hi everyone, my name is John Anthony and I live in Tennessee. My story's a little bit different from a lot of people's relationship with Sam's course, because I retired about five years ago and have been pretty successful. But there were certain dreams, I guess you could say that I had, that I never have really fulfilled, and by looking at Sam's sections, particularly on the niche and on mindset, it really helped me define that dream for myself. I knew I wanted to help low income families out of poverty and into good jobs so that they could not just get an income, but also get an advancement in their career, and I've been able to do that. I think his mindset section is just absolutely worth the whole price of the course. I want to roll this program out in 50 different states, and I had doubts as to whether or not I could do that. I truly don't have any doubts at all, since getting involved with Sam's course, we're not in two different states and I see an avenue that we can pursue a process that's actually going to be able to make this thing possible across the entire country. I can't recommend Sam's course highly enough. Whether your goal is to make a lot of money, or whether it's to make a difference in society, I think you'll find something in Sam's course to help you.