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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Law
  • Location: Victoria, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the course, Anita has been working in the law profession for 20 years providing free legal advice. After sustaining a significant injury she was out of work for a while. Because of that she went looking for an innovative platform which can allow her to use her practice online. Although she hasn't gotten started as yet she knows her future is much brighter with this course!


Good morning, or good afternoon, or good evening. My name is Anita Di Santo and I'm from Melbourne, Australia, and I would like to spend a few moments with you, if I may, to share my experience of the Consulting Accelerator program. I'm an Australian lawyer and I've been working in a legal profession for almost 20 years now. Dear, I just indicated my age. Before joining the program, I was working tirelessly, albeit enthusiastically, in a community legal center providing free legal advices and related services to various communities and people experiencing hardship and disadvantage. I then sustained a significant injury which saw me out of work for a while, and it prompted me to reevaluate my lifelong goals and dreams, and my financial circumstances. I went in search of an innovative online program or platform that would enable me to set up and establish an online legal practice, and work from home. I also went in search for something unique, something that seemed a little different to the ordinary, and I believe that I found that in the Consulting Accelerator program. Unfortunately, I cannot comment on what it has been like to undertake the program or what life has been like since completing the program and working with Sam, because I've yet been able to make a start. I can confirm, however, that Sam's support team is exactly that. Very supportive. Their communications with me to date have been nothing other than friendly and professional, and timely, responding to my every inquiry by email within the same business day, and I have been granted lifelong access to the program which is absolutely amazing. I'm so grateful for that. Even though I've yet to make a start, I would nevertheless recommend this program to anyone who wants to follow a lifelong dream or has an idea, or has a desire to work for themselves, and wants an opportunity to gain some financial independence. For someone who wants to be supported, I honestly believe that this is going to be an amazing journey and I really look forward to making a start. I will no doubt be providing very positive feedback about the program along the way. Thank you again, Sam, and the team, for this wonderful and amazing opportunity. I look forward to being in contact with you soon. Bye for now.