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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Financial Advisors
  • Location: Mahwah, NJ, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining the Consulting Accelerator, Richard was feeling trapped in a vicious cycle. After going through the program, he now has the knowledge of the internet he was desiring, the confidence to succeed and a total new mindset when it comes to making sales.


Hello, my name is Richard Musaka, and I'm from New Jersey. I've been searching on the internet for money making opportunities for several years now, and I've purchased many courses from the many supposed gurus who dominate the internet today. I was stuck in a never ending cycle of purchase the next new shiny object, have no success, and then move on to the next, but I was determined to create my very own successful internet business, one that I could be extremely proud of, and I was not going to give up until I did. Then the game changer occurred. I purchased Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Course, and everything changed. Sam is an incredible teacher and mentor. He has put together the most comprehensive, step by step course I have every seen, and believe me, I have seen many. The course and the Facebook consulting community are absolutely incredible. I've learned so much from Sam. His course is filled with information that you're just not gonna find anywhere else on the internet. Everything you need to be a tremendous success in the internet consulting business is presented with absolutely no stone left unturned. This course has given me the knowledge of the internet that I never got from any other course. It has given me the perspective of selling that I never even considered, and most importantly, it has given me the confidence to succeed that I never had. There is no longer any doubt in my mind that I will definitely succeed with my internet consulting business, and I know that one day very soon Sam will be counting me among his many hundreds of six and seven figure students that he has taught. I highly recommend Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator course. You're gonna learn from the very best. Purchase the course, commit to working hard and consistently, and take massive action. You won't regret it.