5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Insurance
  • Location: Bournemouth, Dorset, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

William has been very pleased with Consulting Accelerator thus far. He specifically says each week has been epic and valuable to his journey to be self reliant. Before 1.0 William didn't have great sales skills, but after he is able to market effectively.


Hey there, Will Perkins here from London. I've been in the Sam Ovens program, Consulting Accelorator for about six months now and each week is epic. Each week focuses on a specific skill and it's been invaluable to my journey to become self reliant and start my own business. Before the training program I didn't have any idea of sales, I had skills but I didn't know how to market those skills and since completing the training I'm not able to take that to market, market myself, understand my customers and the sales script has been invaluable. It was an enjoyable process to go through, so much so I recommended it to a friend and we're not going through it together. I would definitely recommend this to somebody, I've recommend it to one of my best friends and he's also on the program and now today I did my first strategy session and without the sales script I wouldn't know what to have said or how to handle it and with almost hardly any practice whatsoever it worked like a dream. So thanks very much for that and yeah. I'll see where this takes us, thanks very much.