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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Tax savings
  • Location: Toronto, Ontaio, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Natasha was looking for help developing as an entrepreneur. She quickly joined Consulting Accelerator and has found the program to be very helpful. She has had exploding success with the program and highly recommends it.


Hi everyone, I'm Natasha Lo, and I am from Toronto, Canada. I first saw Sam's consulting course on Facebook. I'm a new entrepreneur, and I definitely was looking for something that would help with my course development, and all areas of being an entrepreneur, and just the way Sam presented his course, I was definitely sold on his program. I quickly did that, and I'm still slowly going through the program, and it's definitely helped me the way he explains every single detail about how to be a great consultant, and how to expand your business on Facebook. Definitely, I highly recommend this course to anybody that wants to create another level of success in their business. I've created ... I've definitely gained a lot of personal development and even my success already has exploded after taking his course, and I highly recommend it to anyone. Thank you.