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5 Rating:
  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: non-profits
  • Location: Lane Cove North, NSW, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Janine was a fundraising and marketing specialist and has now decided to start her own business in the consulting industry. Since doing the program Janine has been able to focus in on her niche and found the most powerful aspect of he program to be the mindset module. Janine is currently in the process of negotiating her second contract and definitely recommends the program to others.


Hi there. My name is Janine Owen Koorey from Sydney, Australia. Before signing up to Sam's program I was a fund raising and marketing specialist. Having spent 12 years in the industry with three young kids at home, I decided to go out on my own in the consulting capacity. I had one client that I was working with but I was really unsure around how to set myself up, how to structure my business, and really how to scale it to be able to grow as well as having some balance on the home front. I watched Sam's one hour webinar and I was automatically drawn in. His authenticity, generosity and the way he takes it back to basics that doesn't actually patronize the audience was just second to none. Since doing the program I've really, really been able to hone in on my niche and I realize how general I was being before then. I love how Sam really helps you to be able to take control of your skills and your capabilities and really use that in a way that not only is about what you've done in the past, but where your passions lie in moving forward. The most powerful week for me has been week two with the mindset and I realize that what really had stopped me from moving forward wasn't my lack of skills or capabilities, but in fact it was my fears. It was my inability to really trust in myself and put myself out there so that week has not only benefited me in my work front, but it's actually made a huge difference in terms of my home life as well. Being the mother of three young kids having that positive mindset and that real control over how I am and who I am has been incredible. So I am only through week three. I haven't finished the program yet but already the impact it's had on me has been second to none. I'm currently negotiating my second contract. I'm negotiating it based on my terms and I'm doing it in a way where I'm really working with the client based on Sam's script where it's around the gap that my service is going to fill rather than just a time for money, or rather than me just talking about me and what it is I can do. I really know that this contract will come off and I know that Sam's program will have a huge impact on that. Would I recommend this program? Absolutely and in fact I already have recommended it to a number of people. Sam is just really the real deal. He is incredibly knowledgeable, but what I really love about working with him and listening to him on his videos is he's totally authentic. He's just not someone that was an overnight success. He's really put in the hard years and know how much research and how much work he's done to get to where he is and then he's just so generous in wanting to share that and all for the right reasons. So yeah, I'm really enjoying it. Absolutely I highly recommend it and I can't wait to see what comes next. Thanks so much. See ya.