5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Estate Attorneys
  • Location: Centerville, OH, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before working with Sam, Michael was feeling clueless when it came to business. He used the step-step process to easily follow and have a great training experience. He now feels confident to speak with clients and offer them value.


Hi, I'm Mike , from Dayton, Ohio. I want to give a quick recommendation for the Consulting Accelerator and working with Sam Ovens. Before the Consulting Accelerator and working with Sam, I had no idea how to get involved with business. To say I was clueless is probably an overstatement. During the Consulting Accelerator and working with Sam, it was more than I think I could have hoped for. The amount of information that I thought I needed to get in business was overwhelming but Sam breaks it up into bite-size pieces, takes you step by step along the process, gives you what you need to know at that time. The community is there, Sam is there to help you out, it's a great training experience and Sam's constantly updating the training and adding new things. After the Consulting Accelerator and having worked with Sam, I had everything I needed to start my consulting business, I was able to go out and immediately be in front of clients and have something of value to help them, help their businesses. The only way that you're not going to be successful in this program is if you don't take the steps and you don't take the action. I trust Sam, I consider him a friend, and I think that there is no reason not to take the chance on this program. So, make a decision.