5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Finance
  • Location: Box Hill, Victoria, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Going through a career change, Michael was looking to grow his new consulting business. He has learned many new methods for discovering new business opportunities and now has a more clearer/proven offer for his clients. He highly recommends the program.


Hi guys, Michael here, coming to you from sunny Melbourne, Australia. Thanks for allowing me to tell my story and the impact Sam Oven's training program has had on me. I'm a 51 year old ex-business executive with an MBA, that up until a couple of years ago, thought I was achieving my potential and living the dream, until my employer let me go and told me services were no longer required. When I turned 50, I had no job, and no idea how I was ever going to ever recover both emotionally and financially, until I decided to become a freelance sales and marketing consultant. Working as a consultant allowed me to set the pace and control my earnings. Although I didn't know how I was going to grow to six figures let alone seven figures. Three months ago a Sam Oven's training ad appeared on my Facebook page, and thank God I clicked on it. It literally has changed my life, and given me a vehicle to achieve my dreams. Sam's training revealed some amazing methods of generating business opportunities, as well as how to value my offerings to clients. Sam's training has also helped me develop the mindset of a successful entrepreneur, helped me set long and short term goals, along with the disciplines to achieve my goals. Now I have completed Sam's training, my offering to my clients is so much clearer, and proven that they feel my enthusiasm and want to go with it. Thanks Sam. Without a doubt, I highly recommend Sam Oven's training. Cheers.