5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Non-profit
  • Location: Needham, MA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Michael has learned a ton to help him within his business. He recommends the program for those looking to put a predictable funnel to generate sales calls.


Hey everyone. It's Mike Flynn from Boston. I wanted to give a review of Sam Oven's consulting course. My business partner and I purchased the course last year after speaking with Sam. We were looking for someone to help us drive new traffic and create new customers. We were really happy to learn everything that the course could do for us after talking with Sam and he was right. We invested in the course, took it, we really learned about our business, way more than we thought. The course teaches you how to really niche down. Not that we didn't know our niche before, but it just describes the way to truly understand what your niche is so that you can write the perfect sales letter and that you can target the correct audience. We did all that and it's been great. We implemented everything and we haven't received any new customers from it, but we definitely gained some new relationships and now we have a process in place and I'm sure we'll get a new client from this. It's just our business is a little different. It's a high ticket item or a high ticket offer if you will so we have a small IT consulting business. We do a lot of development. .net, SQL development so it's a little bit more of a higher ticket offer, but we have the whole process in place. We're really thrilled with everything we learned and we would 100% recommend that from our standpoint to anyone out there in the services business that's looking to set up an automated sales process and sales funnel and yeah. Good luck and I hope you purchase it. Take care. Thanks, Sam.