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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Life Insurance sellers
  • Location: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Consulting Accelerator

Enrique has gone through Consulting Accelerator's proven process to start his consulting business and land clients. He recommends others join in.


Hey. How are you? I'm Gomez. I'm from Mexico and I'm a provisional speaker of in Spanish because right now you are getting, right now, my broken english. I would like to tell you that before I got the consultor accelerator program, I really was lost in this kind of world like consulting because I just got speaking . I'm a speaker on marketing for small businesses and when people ask me to consult with them, I don't know how much to and I really don't know how to start doing it. After I got the course, I have a better view of consulting business. I have a clear and the right mindset to get into this business. And I love the sales tools Sam shares with us. Especially, the seven figures is great sales because it's wonderful. I really recommend you to and practically learn everything of it. Now, I'm on track of getting consulting business, a good consulting business because I have goals for all and each of the steps of the process. Soon, I will get more clients, best clients, for my consulting business of small business remarketing. I really recommend you. You really want to step in this world, this fascinating world, with the best of the best get the consulting acceleration program from Sam Ovens. As soon as possible. He's going to blow your mind.