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5 Rating:
  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Accounting
  • Location: Hellerup, Denmark, Denmark
  • Consulting Accelerator

When Nina joined Consulting Accelerator she was looking for a way to earn money on her own after trying multiple times. She has been able to land a client on a $100,000 contract and is looking forward to improving on those metrics.


Hi. My name is Nina Asmussen and I'm from Copenhagen in Denmark. I started the Sam Ovens program in February and it has literally changed my life. It has been a pleasure, it's been fun, inspiring. I came from a place where I sold my company in 2012 and then have been looking for a way to earn money again. And I have tried and failed and tried and failed. I have got a lot of experience but I have not been success with it. I have not lifted myself out of my garage. So I decided to invest in myself and getting it right now. I was at a point when I was desperate to get new feedback or get new knowledge of how things also can be done. So the first of June, I'm starting my contracts. I got contract with the first customer I tried and established a dialog with. And it's a hundred thousand dollar contract and it will be the first of many. And I will stay with the Sam Ovens program that has given me the enlightening and insight into what order to do things with the focus to do things, understanding how to explore it and use that element of with the customer to position myself as the solution. So that has been really, really fun to learn that and start to use that in the real world. I will stay with the Sam Ovens program and the Sam Ovens programs in the future because I feel it's a match that meet my needs and so I will stay with things that work, and this works for me. It has been a pleasure, great fun and thank you so much for making this happening for me.