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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Legal
  • Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining the program, Roman felt he wasn't growing as quickly as he wanted. He has seen massive value in the Mindset training and is thinking now in terms of reaching his goals every single day. He encourages anybody on the fence about joining to take the leap over.


Hello, everyone! My name is and I am from Toronto, Canada. I'd like to leave a video testimonial for Sam's Consulting Accelerator Course. Prior to starting the course I was running a web development company here in Toronto. It was going pretty well, but I was all over the place. I was doing web development, logo design, brochure design. All kinds of things. While I was employing a few people and outsourcing a lot of the work and growing at a steady pace, it was not as fast as I wanted it to be. Since I figured there was a problem, I found a book called, "Built to Sell" and it showed me the importance of focusing on one specific service and for me that was digital marketing. Once I figured that out I was looking for a course on the internet for quite some time and I found Sam's course and I decided to invest in it. Boy am I happy I did. I came into it thinking that it will give me some information about digital marketing, positioning myself as a consultant, and so on and so forth, but it helped me in so many different ways. It changed my life completely. There is this section called "Mindset" and it's one of the most impactful sections of this course for me. What it does is it shows the importance of setting clear goals, of visualization, of affirmations and so on and so forth. So it allowed me to create this folder and I refer to this folder every day. It puts me into this flow of helping me think in the way to progress towards my goals every single day. I didn't expect this to be in the course but I'm so happy it was. I was able to buy books on this subject and expand my knowledge in it. There are other sections there as well. For instance, there's this sales script ... It's so awesome. It's crazy how effective it is. It's called "The Million Dollar Sales Script" and it literally should cost a million dollars. The problem is people need this sales script in order to get the million dollars. It's like a ten page script and I an see there was so many thoughts put into this script ... It's so powerful ... Based on the books on sales and marketing that I read it really positions yourself as a professional that will be able to solve the problem that you're customer is facing. It doesn't only apply to digital marketing. For me it did and there are lots of people ... There's a Facebook group ... There are lots of people helping each other. Lots of people who are doing digital marketing. But there are also people who have their own businesses that they use this information from the course in order to grow their business and themselves personally. I'm really happy I purchased this course and I'd like to say a big thank you to Sam. This literally changed my life and I'm really excited to continue growing with all you guys. And for those of you that are still on the fence, trust me, just take the leap. You will be so happy you did.