5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Financial services
  • Location: Devon, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Deb recommends Consulting Accelerator to others. When she joined she didn't know what to her next step would be with her professional future. She knows she has benefited from the program and has improved her mindset using the training modules. She urges others to go for it and invest in themselves.


Hi my name is Deb Maddock and I'm from the UK. I'd like to recommend Sam Oven's accelerated training course. Before I did the course, I was at a point where I just didn't know what to do with where I was going professionally and I wasn't quite sure what my next step was. I happened to come across a webinar and I listened to it. I was very impressed by Sam, a little bit hesitant for a few moments and then I decided now I need to invest in myself. That's the most difficult decision that we take is the decision to actually do something and then go ahead and do it. So I invested in Sam Oven's course. The course is really easy to do. It's set out in modules. It's very sensible and straightforward. If you do exactly what Sam says and follow each module. Do the work at the end of each module and then move on to the next one and do what he says you will have success. Sam has put a lot of time and effort and money into each of these courses and they are second to none. He is the go-to expert in this field. He is genuine and he will invest in you if you will invest in you. I certainly have benefited from this. I love the course. I especially love the personal development and mindset that's what I needed to do. I did it three or four times because that's an area that I really felt that I needed to spend more time on. I urge you to go for it. Don't hesitate. Make the decision. Make the commitment and invest in yourself and invest in Sam's course. It really is superb and I wholeheartedly recommend it. Bye-bye.