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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Student Loans
  • Location: London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before taking Consulting Accelerator, Manuel was trading time for money. He soon realized that he was limiting his potential income and shifted the structure of his business. He enjoys the idea that he learned about Facebook advertising and has been able to apply things he has learned from Sam for his own program.


Hi, I'm from London, UK and before taking Sam's course and the situation I was in, was very much trading time for money. And only when doing Sam's course did I realize how much I was really limiting the amount, the potential of money that I can actually earn in running my UX practice and so that was the first thing I really got out of the course, was understanding the shift and benefits of trading your efforts and your time based on value rather than time, which is what my situation was then. And the second thing I got out of was finding a niche because with my current UX practice, I was all things, all people, which sounds great and flexible, but that makes it more difficult in finding my ideal audience and my ideal client. So in really thinking about a niche of a particular sector that I'd love to serve, that actually has made looking for the type of clients that I'd actually love to work for more exciting, more engaging for me because that would mean I'm actually doing work, I would actually enjoy doing more. And the third thing I got out of Sam's course was the possibility of finding the ideal client via Facebook. I didn't even think that was a viable platform to be doing this and so Sam kind of introduced me to the world of Facebook advertisement which I really didn't consider as a strong possibility. Now in terms of those three big things I've gotten out of the course, what I've actually managed to do is actually apply those learnings into my own course I've made, called "Hitting UX," which is an educational initiative whereby I help people get into the digital creative industry without getting into debt because what I realize in being in my industry for the past decade is that you don't need a university degree, yet I see thousands of people every year all over the world getting these, graduating from these degrees but without an actual root into a career yet they've earned this big debt. So that was the big thing that I got out of it. So I'd really recommend doing this course over people just for those three things alone because it would open up so many possibilities in how you can help serve others. I hope that was good enough for you guys. Thank you very much. Bye bye.