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5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Financial Advisors
  • Location: South Croydon, Surrey, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Jayden was looking for a way to fill his sales pipeline and gain a predictable stream of clients. After working with Sam he has felt the support from the Consulting Community and now has a more systematic way of filling hi pipeline. He is actively growing his business.


Hello my name is Jaydon Johnson, and I'm from London. Now, rewind back to before I started the course, and working with Sam. I had a rough idea of what I was doing, I had clients on board, I knew what I was selling and I knew how to deliver the service but, my obstacle was getting clients on board, and really and truly knowing how to fill that pipeline should I lose a client, or should I not close someone on a sales call. Now, during my time on the course, I went through all of his materials, worked with people in his groups, I actually got to speak to him one to one, as and when needed, so he is available as well. In truth that's where you've got so much value as being able to feedback from the community, working with the people that you can associate with from knowing Sam, but also all of the tools you need to succeed are in the course. During my time, I literally just plugged myself in, and worked on what was given to me really, and with that I've been able to learn how to fill my pipeline, how to replace people that perhaps weren't a good fit for me in the first place, and also not taking on people that aren't a good fit for my services in the first place, and not wasting my time with them, and being able to fully target and qualify, or even disqualify if needed. That's really where you empower your business, is really through the qualifying process, which is what Sam has taught me a lot. Now, fast forwards to afterwards, I get clients on demand pretty much, obviously there's still work involved, and it's not just a click of the fingers, but it's much more systematic, there's a process in place and I know what I'm doing. I'll definitely recommend Sam's course to anyone, whether you're just starting, whether you've not started yet, or whether you've been running your marketing business for several years, I'm sure you could learn how to improve.