5 Rating:
  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Financial Services
  • Location: Coorparoo, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Kristin joined Consulting Accelerator and was blown away. He describes his situation before joining lacking the structure it needed. He now has been able to generate multiple 6-figures and highly recommends it for anybody looking to fast-track their results.


Hi there, Christen Jack Gibson here originally from Queensland, Australia now based in Paris, France and I'm a digital marketer for financial planners and advisors. And just wanted to do a quick testimonial and review of the consulting accelerator. Now, I'll be honest, it took me a while to actually hit that buy button to actually sign up to the program. And what I thought initially was that I was just going to, you know, go through the program and get the content and in the end I would be good. But I was not expecting how amazing that not only the program and the information inside the program is, but also the ongoing support and the community that you also get being part of the program. Right? So the open Q and A's, everything's logged and you can go through every single Q and A that's happened and you can reference. So if you're looking for an answer that you can't answer straight away through the program, which is unlikely but possible, you can then look up in the archives for the answer. And this is, so the value that you get out of the program just continues to grow and grow and grow. And since then, you know, before I was doing, before I was part of this program, I was sort of just guessing and had no real step by step process method, whereas the same in this program stepped everything out and even like it's so much like he's reading your mind with what it is that you need when it comes to starting a consulting business. And since then I've been able to generate multiple six figures in my consulting business and I'm very, very grateful. So thank you, Sam. Thank you for the team, thank you for putting the program together. I highly recommend this to anyone who is pointing to fast track their results, right? Whether they're just getting started or whether they've been going for a wall and you know, they really want to get everything down path, this is definitely for you. So check it out and again, thanks for everything that you guys are doing.