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  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Accountants
  • Location: Harlow, Essex, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Gavn had been struggling to grow and stumbled upon consulting accelerator. He has seen tremendous growth and the program has changed his life. He like the sales script and the simplified approach to help transform everything for him.


Hi there. So it's Gavin Bird here from the UK. So just to give you some background, before I found Sam's course I was running a research business and I'd been sort of struggling for the last sort of three years to get that off the ground and it's just randomly one day I saw Sam's ad on Facebook. I clicked it, ended up joining the course. This is such a cliché and I think a lot of people say this but it's absolutely changed my life. I cannot speak highly enough of the course and the experience that I've had personally. Going through the process of the course, it's so simple to follow. Some of the things are actually so obvious, you think, "Why the hell didn't I think of that before?" But it just simplifies everything. It just simplifies how to approach business, how to get the clients in, and the sales script is, like, amazing. It's something else. So really following that course, it transformed everything with that business. I was actually able to completely restructure it and fully automate everything to the point that I actually don't run the business anymore. I have somebody else doing that. It literally skyrocketed so quickly and it came to a point where I was looking at other people in the course, and a lot of people have digital marketing businesses. I decided to go and do that myself, so I started another business back in October and to be perfectly frank, this is going really well. The future is bright. I've got so much more confidence and belief in what I'm doing and obviously having that money and that consistency, and now, for me, financial freedom, it's changed everything for me and my family so I would absolutely recommend this course to anybody. Certainly for me and my aspirations in life, I certainly wouldn't be where I'm at right now had I not gone through this course, and it's just opened up so many doors. So yeah, go get the course and go get started and create the life that you really want. Thank you.