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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Attorneys
  • Location: Livingtson, TX, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Paul has been able to use Sam's program to successfully grow his consulting business. He attests to the sales training helping him gain a ton of more confidence over the phone.


Hello my name is Paul Bosheman, I'm from Buffalo, New York and I just want to talk about Sam's programs. I've known Sam for a while and I've seen him transform himself from kind of a scared kid afraid to get on the phone to really super successful consultant. His course really helped me to do the same. To take what I thought was an insurmountable challenge, go out there and find somebody to pay me money and I've gone out there and been able to get clients for websites that are willing to pay me $10,000. I've gone out and gotten recurring revenue clients that have gotten me $1,000 per month for a long time. I've had clients from that but what's really great is his sales script. From my standpoint I think it's one of the best scripts out there. I used to be terrified of getting on the phone with people and really could never close anybody. His sales scripts really makes it a simple process where it really kind of turns around that whole process of getting a close. I've always found Sam to be super helpful. He doesn't hold anything back in terms of withholding help or anything. He's always out there and willing to jump in and help you. My experience with Sam is phenomenal and I'm always happy to try to work with him. Always delighted because he's really a transformational person that I've seen. That's why I've stuck with him for a long time.