4 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Finance
  • Location: Guaynabo, PR, Puerto Rico
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining the Consulting Accelerator, Christian had tried many other courses online to no avail. After working with Sam he has been able to successfully start his consulting business and start landing clients. He would recommend this to people looking to learn funnels, online advertising, and to improve their salesmanship


Hey there, my name is Christian Colong, and I live in Puerto Rico. Before I did Sam's course I had tried a bunch of different things. I tried the foundation, I had tried different courses. I had spent thousands of dollars, I had done masterminds. And none of it really helped me. It motivated me, it pumped me up. but then when I took the Sam's course ... And Sam's course took me through identifying what niche I wanted to focus on and how to build a funnel, and how to run ads. And I built the funnel, and I ran the ads to it and it took me awhile, right. It was not an overnight thing, and I still had to experiment, and do a lot. But after that I have continued to learn and grow, and I've gotten some clients from family and friends, and some side and stuff like that to help me gain even more experience. And so I would recommend this to people who are either ... Who have never done anything at all online, people who don't know how to build a funnel, people who've never run ads before, and who have the disposable income to pay up for something like this. Then this is a great course too kind of gather a lot of that information, and to improve also the content on sales and how to do the sales consultation over the phone, is top notch. I think this is a great program, for the right fit, for the right people. And I would definitely recommend it for them.