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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Legal
  • Location: Broussard, LA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Prior to the course Josh was doing consulting for years and the ups and downs were devastating. He never had a consistent client base. His biggest take away was the sales script he was able to take back some of his time and close more clients.


Hey, this is Josh Langford from Lafayette, Louisiana. I just wanted to give a shout out to Sam Ovens and thank you for your consulting program. It's just been a game changer for me as a consultant. Before I came across your program, I was doing consulting for several years, but just the ups and downs of it had been really hurting me at that point. You know, one month, it's great. One month, several clients back out and I was looking for jobs, thinking maybe this is not the best plan for me. Your program really opened up my eyes, helped me to see some things that I could pivot in my business to make it so much better. One of those things is a sales script. Before, I was just giving so much consulting away in that first strategy session. Your sales script really changed the game on that for me and helped me to take back some of my time, and also just close more clients. I know in the first 30 days, that I closed a new client just from that sales script alone. That was great. Also, just the mindset that there's plenty of clients out there, that it's a numbers game. That has really helped me and my business. Last month, I had the best month so far. I had $15,000. This month is shaping up to be even better. In fact, just yesterday, I sent out a proposal for a new prospective client at 5,000 a month. I would have never done that before your program, Sam, and just I have complete confidence that it's a great value for them and that I'll get them. If not, no worries. I know that there's more down the road. Look, if you're thinking about buying this program, it's worth whatever Sam wants to charge for it, because you're going to make up for this over and over down the road. Go buy it. You just got to. All right. Thanks Sam.