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5 Rating:
  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Location: Perth, Western Australia, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Folole started out and was looking to do something that served more purpose. She has been able to start implementing the course in her business and seen a lot of help from the mindset training.


This is Lola, in Perth, Western Australia. It has been a fabulous journey learning how to use the new ticket tools Sam recommended us. Larissa is hearing challenged, but it hasn't stopped us from pressing forward. She will tell me what I can improve upon, and tells me, "Sam did it is this way," or "that way." We didn't have any business idea when we started out. We are both involved full-time in our family businesses prior to Sam's course, and knew we wanted to do something else that serve a purpose to each of us, as in reduce. Rather than be on hand for deliveries and mechanical duties. As rookies, we enjoyed the and have changed to being more of a purposed, realizing we are not just telemarketers at all. Hence, Bookkeeping was born mainly for account and market clients. Even though we have no experience in digital media, we are excited to move forward with the continuous learning from the course, and have even implemented parts of the practice in our current employee roles. The knowledge of other areas of life, especially the mindset and vision , has been an awesome training for us both. We have revamped it so many times, too. There have been so many quick changes with our families as well. We are in charge of training, and implement around our current employee duties, too. Thank you, Sam, for the great training, we have since seen other courses that have also included a kickstart with a database of clients for you part of the course content. We thought that will be the ultimate start that may be in your new course. Thank you, Sam, for the clear explanations on exactly what is required, and how to implement it, too. You are a fabulous teacher, and we look forward to creating our new selves in the new future. Thank you, Sam, from Lola and Larissa.