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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Attorneys/ Law
  • Location: Lighthouse Point, FL, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before he started Sam's course was 20 years of project management at a 6 Figure level. He was looking for something to grow and cut down on his hours because he has been feeling worn out. He just started the program is excited about his goals and track level.


Hi, my name is Bob Franklin, I'm coming to you from south Florida. I'm very excited about getting engaged with the Sam program here. And, life before Sam has been 20 years of technology, sector sales, and project management, and doing a bunch of different aspects of the business. Doing pretty successful, six-figure level. And the last couple of years has been a bit of a challenge, been a bit burnt, and looking for something to grow as my own business. And I came across Sam through Ty Lopez program, and I'm very excited about this. We've been engaged for about a month or so, and gotten a couple of weeks into the program, and I'm very stoked about it. Very excited about the goals that we're achieving and what we're growing to, and I can see great things happening. Going forward, I see a lot of opportunity, since we're not complete with the course, but I see the track level and part of the community engaging us and allowing us to go forward in this very successfully, and I'm very excited about where we're about to be. So I can't speak fully to the post-Sam, because I'm not post-Sam yet, but we are very excited about getting to that level, and I see ... I'm excited for the first time in years about where the prospects of this will take us, and that's thanks to Sam and his program. Thank you.