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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Non Profit
  • Location: Fishers, IN, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Steve came into Consulting Accelerator looking to develop and improve himself in various areas of business. He highly values the program and is looking forward to the future.


Hi, Steve here from Indianapolis, Indiana. Just want to leave this quick video testimonial regarding Sam Oven's course. Recently just came across it, back in what, November. Thanksgiving morning everybody was still sleeping, I was hacking away at the computer doing what I normally do early in the morning, looking at various websites, go through my checkpoint, ESPN, all that good stuff. I came across the course, and I was excited because for the last 10 years I've built a number of businesses, failed, succeeded, learned from different avenues. I was ready to ... As I was helping my employees, and helping them grow, the one thing I've identified is I stopped growing myself, so I wanted to get back into self development, educate myself in various areas of business. When I came across the program I was really excited because it seemed very legitimate. At the same time I'd actually enrolled in some other courses and they were fine, more the marketing 101 type of scenario. Where Sam has really created a product that's very detailed, very organized. The one that I love, that I've never really done video training like this before, is I was able to do it on my time. Everybody is busy today, I'm sure you are watching this video, and that's why I want to keep it short here. Sam really created a very precise, simplistic program that can allow you to watch the course, learn from it, and actually go out and apply the skills, and develop the skills that you're looking for. I highly recommend you taking a look at this. My business has continued to grow since using this course. It has allowed me to better understand how to explain things to my clientele as well. Highly recommend taking a chance in the course. It's a small investment in retrospect of business, so thanks again Sam, it's a phenomenal course. I'm looking forward to the new tools you have come out.