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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Attorney
  • Location: Cobano, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
  • Consulting Accelerator

"Adam was worried that Consulting Accelerator would just be a ""collection of free articles"" available online about consulting. It ended up exceeding all expectations. Watch him explain."


Hi, guys. My name is . I'm from Costa Rica. As you can see, I'm in the middle of the jungle. I joined Sam's course after selling a business that I own. I was looking for something new to do, so I decided to join his course. I was very impressed with the strategies that he teaches, and especially with the Facebook campaign strategies and techniques. Also, I was very surprised that this course wasn't just some recollection of free articles that you can get on the internet, or free information like other courses. It was all new. He gives great focus and mindset, and especially the techniques that he teaches are very new, to me at least. I gave it a go, like, a month and a half, two months. I had about 10 strategy sessions. But my niche was a lawyer, so I couldn't close any of them, unfortunately. Then I lost some motivation, so I decided to stop. But actually, I opened a new business, and it wasn't in the consulting industry, but I used his campaign; the startup campaign that he teaches, to get the business started, to get some new users. It was great. I can't recommend Sam's course enough, and especially the Facebook group; it was really helpful in the beginning, and still today. I don't contribute much, but I read it very often. And yeah, I recommend it to everyone to join, who is looking for something new to do. You can get started very cheaply after you join. You can even do it for free without any paid traffic, but I decided to try the paid traffic way. And yeah, I'm sure I would give it another go in a few months if this business doesn't succeed. Okay.