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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Finance
  • Location: Hendersonville, NC, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Lilian had aspiration to improve herself and enhance her current business by creating more value for her clients in a deliverable way. She found the program to be the ideal fit for her and her business due to the tactics, sales script and mindset training. Lilian has found great benefit in breaking through her limiting beliefs.


Hi. Lillian here from North Carolina. I'm so grateful for Sam Ovens' Consulting Community Program. Where do I start? I was attracted to it because I wanted to do something more, to improve myself, and to enhance my own personal business and to be able to bring to others the expertise and knowledge that I've acquired throughout my life and careers. Sam's program was the ideal fit because of the specifics of tactics and teachings, a sales script, the mindset program. I'd say that's my favorite part because it helped me to open up to my own personal development of where I had been in fear based, paradigm shifting, where I found that I was not able to move forward on my own. But, with his proven system, to be able to follow step-by-step guidelines and improve my thinking, all about the thinking. Realizing my limiting mindset and how to reset those limiting beliefs has been phenomenal. I'm still in the program, looking forward to completing here shortly. The amount of personal growth from just what I've learned so far is beyond what I've been able to receive in other areas of education. So, for Sam, who you stand for, what you stand for and to be able to bring this to the community as you have, a great big thank you for this. I look forward to continuing in the program and opening up my business and have great expectations for much success. Really appreciate the support of the community at large. Thank you so much.