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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Lawyers
  • Location: Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Salah was looking to improve his sales process and make it more predictable. He has found the Facebook community extremely helpful and has boosted his sales by 70% using the 7-Figure Sales Script! He definitely thinks Consulting Accelerator can help others with their business.


Halo, this is Salah, from Montreal. I'm recording this video to give you a little bit of my experience with the Sam Ovens' Mastermind. I joined last year and it has ... I mainly signed up for it because I need more inputs for my consulting business. I already had one, and a business. My main problem was the sales process. Basically, I didn't have a script for sales, so it was always a conversation that could go either way. It was always ... I was missing some pieces for the consulting business. When I joined, the main thing that you're gonna see is basically the community. That was the most helpful things, just being part of the Facebook group, being able to see people getting results and sharing their experience on their wings. Also, the weekly calls that you can just join to ask any questions if you get, kind of stuck. After the experience I had with Sam Ovens, basically the main benefit was the scripts, that's really streamline my sales process, either in person or even on calls. The second benefit was, just having like a global framework of understanding the process of starting with somebody from the first steps. I do a lot of LinkedIn, so usually I do it from LinkedIn instead of Facebook, but it's the same thing, going through the strategy sessions and getting the client to sign up. Since then, I would not say that I double the business. It is probably 70% more business than what I had last year, before joining the program. I haven't even done maybe 60% of the program. I haven't even finished it, I just took some parts. It was already very beneficial. I highly recommend this program and I think it's something that can help you, especially if you're in the consulting business. I can urge you.