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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Financial Advisers
  • Location: Mullion, Helston, Cornwall, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining the program, Paola was lacking motivation, and knew where she wanted to in life without a plan. She has used the program to improve her mindset and challenge herself to grow. She highly recommends Sam's course.


Hello. My name's and I'm from London. Before I started Sam's program I would say I was definitely ... I was lacking the motivation. I knew exactly what I wanted. I just didn't really have a plan to get there. So when joining his program, and trust me when I did, I was scared, I was absolutely super skeptical and I didn't really want to part with 2000, but I did. And truth be told, I have never looked back. Because when I joined Sam's program, my mindset and he has a big thing on mindset in this program, completely changed me. I became obsessed with succeeding. And I did. I also learned things throughout his program I never though was possible. I managed to do my own website, believe it or not, which is great. And I learned a lot about digital marketing but more importantly I always say how you do one thing in life is how you do everything and I really took that on board to the nth degree, which is good because now all my papers are the most organized they've ever been. I am on top of it. My house is clean. My car is immaculate. My own body, I'm in the best shape of my life which is great because I'm getting married in two months, which is good. But more importantly, I must say I can highly recommend Sam's program. People will be scared and skeptical and I think two things can happen. You either fail or you succeed. The people that succeed have two things in common. The first, they do the work. The turn up, and by turning up I mean they take action every single day. They do every single module till the end and take action. But secondly, they believe. They believe in the system and they believe in themselves, 'cause trust me, your closest friends, near and dear, will tell you you're crazy, what is this, how's it gonna work? It's never gonna work. And if you start listening to them and doubting yourself, it's not going to work for you. So the belief really is the key. If you do the work and you stick to your belief, in yourself and the system, this will be a success for you. I can highly recommend Sam's program because for me it's truly been life-changing. And it can be for you as well.