5 Rating:
  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Financial Copywriter
  • Location: Woodstock, GA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the course the member was an accountant and hated his job. Customer had clients, but didn't want to pay much and a lot of other issues. After the course the structure and sales script was a game changer. He is now doubling down on his skills and looking to scale to 6 figures.


Hi, my name is Joe Cassandra. I live in Woodstock, Georgia. I'm going to give you a quick testimonial about Sam Ovens' consulting course. Just quickly about me, I was an accountant for five years or so. I hated it the whole time. Every day, I just didn't enjoy. It just wasn't for me. Unfortunately, it took me many years of playing business, doing all these things that didn't make any money. It wasn't until about 2015 or so, where I really ... I honed down on a skill, which was writing sales copy, which I really love doing. I quit my job. I had clients in all these different industries. It was very inefficient. Clients weren't very good. They didn't like to pay a lot of money. As you can imagine, it was a struggle with supporting my wife who stayed at home with our daughter. It wasn't until I found Sam's course in May or June 2016 that two things happened. He really refocused my mindset, just his course about mindset is worth the price of admission. Then also, how to niche down and sell to that niche. That's what really was the key turning point that turned me just from this copywriter that helps everyone to writing specifically in the financial sector. Once I did that, I was able to then get out and get other clients, leverage those clients into other clients in the industry. Before, I was making a couple thousand dollars a month. I wasn't making as much as I did at my accounting job, so we were scrimping and cutting corners here and there. Recently, I had a month, I think January or February of 2017, I made over $35,000 in just one month. Now we just got our dream house in Woodstock. Building up from there, we plan to have more kids and just live that life. I know I'm not a ... For those who think you just need to be consulting a lot. I mean I write copy. Technically, I should be trying to outsource the writing and just bringing in deals; but I know there's a lot of time for that. Right now, I really just want to hone my craft because I do love the writing process and I want to keep writing. There's a lot of money in writing sales copy. I want to be able to get my skill set up before I start sending the work out to other people. I'm probably not going to be able to scale up yet to six figures, but once I hone my craft, then me getting clients is really easy now that ... I'll be able to start outsourcing it as soon as I feel like it. I'm pretty much in control of what I want to do going forward. A lot of that is thanks to Sam. Thanks so much for watching.