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5 Rating:
  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Lawyers
  • Location: Calgary, AB, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Steve is just 3 weeks into the Consulting Accelerator and is already closing high-value clients and doing 5-figures with his consulting business. He and his family are very happy with the results an he is really excited to charge ahead and scale things up.


Hey, Sam. It's Steve from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I just reaching out. It's a big shout-out to you for Consulting 1.0. Absolutely brilliant stuff. I am now just finishing up week three, sent out some lumpy mailers. I've got a strategy session I'm just actually getting ready to go out to this afternoon. I have closed my second customer, client through the digital marketing. I am absolutely stoked about this program because I'm two months into it. I did not focus and that is such a key. Focus on it right out of the way, out of the box. Also, don't take too long to find a niche. I overthought that, and that was my big issue. Sam, if I followed your material page for page, I would have not overthought the niche and I would have been further ahead. But that's okay. I'm really happy about where I'm at at this point and the changes that I've made and am going through. My family is definitely happy with what they're seeing as well. I know moving forward, I'm gonna see some really powerful results and that's not without 2.0, Sam. That's still using everything in 1.0, or Version One, so I'm really excited to see 2.0. But, that's not what I'm waiting for. I'm just charging ahead now at this point. The forum is brilliant, some really incredible minds there. I am so thankful for everybody in there that has helped me and that I have been able to help. So, I look forward to continuing there. Sam, a huge heartfelt thanks from me to you for everything that you've put into this course and program for us, to help us change our lives. I plan on coming to New York to see you. I want you to leave a seat on the plane because I plan on sitting in that seat in less than three months. Sam, take care. Thank you very much again. We will talk to you very soon. Cheers, bud.