5 Rating:
  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Enterprise Profitability
  • Location: Richmond, Surrey, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the course the members had a software based consulting business and they didn't get the results they wanted in terms of their services and the money they wanted to earn.??The course helped them reassess their entire business and have identified a new business focus and have gained new clients and have been recognized for their success by being invited to do speeches.


Hi my name is Mark . I'm from London. I'd like to spend a couple of minutes to explain to you the value of the consulting accelerator. Before we started, we had a traditional software without one consulting platform, and that was a problem. It was a services-based implementation. We were leaving clients to their own outcomes, and we weren't really able to communicate the value of the outcomes clients can expect. That was a problem because the industry's changing fast, and people are much more about outcomes and results versus just implementing a service or software, so that was one thing. When we started to look through the market to find a suitable program that would help us, we came across the consulting accelerator from Sam, and that really gave us an opportunity to assess everything from the ground up that we were doing and why we were doing it. We had a chance in a structured way to ask the question why we're in business, why somebody should buy from us, how we're different, and speak to the outcomes and benefits we provide, and we had to demonstrate that in a low-risk way, risk reversal to our niche, and to focus on those things. Crucially, we were able to assess a type audience and market proposition and approach that we had, and this enabled us to differentiate ourselves in the market as well. Since the accelerator, we've defined a whole new approach to capturing value and selling the value from the traditional software business. It's been a huge outcome. We've acquired three six-figure blue chip foundation clients who are helping us innovate and refine our proposition, and what's even more valuable is they've, as early adopters of the accelerator or at least the outcomes of our accelerator, they've been offered speaking slots in industry forums, peers, to discuss their new approach and results, so this is a fantastic step forward for us. I would highly recommend the accelerator to anybody involved with consulting and establishing or starting a consulting business as this is the next step of the future. I'd like to thank Sam for his accelerator and his time and commitment to the industry and the market.