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  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Financial Planners
  • Location: Kambah, Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Darren had been building his business but wanted to grow faster. After joining the program his business doubled within weeks and he has pushed his business into the 6-figures without even completing the program yet. He is confident that he will continue to scale using the program.


Good day, I'm from Cameron, Australia. I'm a business consultant and coach. I started my business about 2 years ago after running a financial planning business for about 28 years. Soon after I started my business, I was bitten by a spider and that caused me to have this condition, as you can see, pretty red, known as red man's disease or PRP. This condition basically means that my skin peels off, it will and peels off every three days or so. So, you know, I'm constantly peeling and having to put cream on and stuff like that. So, effectively, it means that I can only work part-time. Before I met Sam, my business was doing over about seven grand a month, thereabouts, and I had a number of clients and I was slowly building. I had a good reputation already and so people were happy to join on my program, but it was just taking a while to get started and getting momentum. After starting the program, that basically doubled within about two weeks and I don't even really got into the second lesson. So I'm yet to finish the course and my income now is around 20,000 a month and building all the time and I haven't even completed the program, which is a thing I must do at some point soon and then I can exceed that acceleration even more. And I'm sure it'll be there 'cause all the tools are there. Everything I need to be successful is there. I just got to take the time to get into it, so that's pretty exciting. It's great to be part of the Facebook product group's so I can see how opposites succeed, so this is a forum fantastic program. It is significant for me because being kind of disabled with this thing that's going on at the moment does make it difficult for me. So, yeah, I encourage anybody who wants to increase your income significantly and wants to kind of turn decades of learning into days, then I'd recommend this program. Get into it and you'll increase your income and you'll increase your leisure time and, yeah, its fantastic stuff. So, I kind of recommend it highly enough; get stuck into it.