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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Day Trading
  • Location: Orlando, FL, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Carlos was looking to improve his business and increase the conversion rates of the high-ticket clients he helps. He found the training modules to be exceptional and closed $45,000.


Hello. My name is Carlos from Orlando, Florida. I wanted to give you my experience with Sam's Oven Consulting Program. I'm founder of Omega Diaz Trading, LLC. We teach traders world wide how to incorporate technical analysis into their trading on a day to day basis. Our program range between 10 and $15,000.00. We've been trying to teach and acquire clients for the last 15 years. We actually have around an average of maybe two to three clients every other month or so. Of course, needless to say, we needed some coaching and mentoring about the program requiring high ticket coaching clients of this caliber. Here's is how I met Sam. Sam got to me and explained to me the fact that he is gonna be able to help me increase the conversion rates of the clienteles that we acquire. Now, I was a little bit hesitant but let's just say, I went and jumped on board. I just have to say that during the process of the training itself, within the first three modules ... I was a little bit hesitant, once again, but within the first three modules I didn't need anymore. I apply what I learned in module two which is the conversion formula in terms of closing on calls. All I have to say is that within the first 45 days of applying what I learned with Sam on that module two, module two only, I was able to close three clients at $15,000.00. I was blown right off the gate. So here's what I just wanted to say, at this point we haven't increase the amount of clients that we acquire, but we certainly are closing at a rate of about 60%. Every time that we sit down and talk with a client, we use what we learned in module two, the conversion formula that he has on the closing on the call. We have about 60% rate of success. Of course we filter the amount of clients that we have. These clients obviously go through a process of prequalification, that process. But the key factor is that what I learned on that module two, Sam, it changed the way that we are doing business in terms of acquiring our clientele. If you're sitting on the fence right now, and you're looking for increasing the conversion rates, how to acquire clients? We haven't even touched the trafficking formula because we want to hone down the skills of closing little bit further more with what we're doing. But if you're sitting on the fence and thinking about the fact that if Sam is the perfect solutions for taking your business to the next level in terms of high ticket coaching clientele? That's the guide you have to go for. Once again, sometimes you're watching this, thank you so much. I'm just applying that second module every time that I talk to somebody on Skype, on the phone. I just go through the process of what you taught me right there. Just recently, about three weeks ago we closed two more new students at $15,000.00. Needless to say, I'm really happy camper. All I have to say just, Sam is a guy. The coaching is amazing. It's ... once again, it's just the tip of the iceberg that I should be able to reach. I cannot believe what is still at stake when I complete the process. Sam, thank you very much. If you're right now watching this and sitting on the fence, just give it a try. It's an awesome program and Sam is one of the most professional person that ... individuals I've ever worked with. My name is Caros Diaz, and thank you very much.