5 Rating:
  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Sales
  • Location: Victoria/Moe, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Virginia is working her way through Consulting Accelerator and is very excited to start growing her business now that she has more time to focus. She has challenged herself and landed paying clients and totally recommends the course for everybody.


Hi, this is Virginia Grattan from Victoria in Australia. I'm currently working my way through Sam's Consulting Accelerator and I'm super excited because I have just transitioned to part-time work where I was previously full time in an accounting firm and I work at a little cubicle desk and I was eight hours a day, five days a week but now I'm part-time because I have been going through this course and have been challenged to step out and grow my business, which I have been doing. I am really excited and I totally recommend this course for everybody. The thing that I love is the accountability, but also the direction in this course that you wouldn't otherwise get. I've learnt that your mind is like a rubber band, once it's had a taste for something more and has started to think a bit more outside the box and dream, it really can't go back. That elasticity has taken place, so there is no turning back and I'm really excited and look forward to hearing your story.