5 Rating:
  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Personal productivity
  • Location: Dublin, OH, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Jack found the Consulting Accelerator to be extremely detailed and helpful. He found the mindset and sales training. In just 2 months he was able to complete the program and land paying clients. He would highly recommend the program.


Hi, my name is Jack . I want to put a shout out to Sam Ovens training. I've bought this, along with numerous other trainings as I'm sure most people have. His training is one of the few that actually looks at his program at multi levels. He gives you the what. He follows that up with the why? Why is this important? Why are these components important to the outcome of acquiring a new client? Then, he focuses on the how. He dives in deeply to how to do the steps, how to take the steps to make this all work. Then, he follows that up with a live example of exactly what he did so, it's the how but it's down to, "Here's exactly what I did." That is really outstanding. Two other things that I want to focus on. One is his mindset modules are a must consume for any entrepreneur. Please, please go through his mindset. Finally, the sales process that he offers is just outstanding. I completed his program less than 30 days after completing his program, I closed on my first client. 30 days there after I closed on the next one. It's ... I can't recommend this program higher. Thank you.