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  • Niche: Stress Coaching
  • Location: Gillette, WY, United States
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Klea is endeavouring to increase her income and has no doubts that she wont be able to achieve this within the next 3-6 months.


Hi, my name is Claire Walls and I'm a substitute teacher. I've just finished my Master's in Industrial Organizational Psychology last year and for what I want to do it needs a surgical application to find those clients, those businesses that I can truly help. I cannot just do a mass mailing and hope for the best because it would be prohibitively expensive. So, I'm hoping that in the next three to six months I will be quintupling, if not more than that, my income from the past several years. And I have no doubts that I will not do it, because I will. And check me again in about three, six months and this is gonna be a whole different thing because I know that everything is going to line up. I've had this program for about four months, but I've been waiting for a decent paycheck to get everything started, it's been tight with my income. I have that now, so watch out world, 'cause I'm on my way.