5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Entrepreneurs
  • Location: Siegsdorf, Bavaria, Germany
  • Consulting Accelerator

Christiane was looking to get more clients for his business and couldn't see her own blind spots. After going through the Consulting Accelerator she has targeted her message, her business has changed and she is confident she has way more knowledge for modern day-consulting. She recommends this to anybody who is struggling to pick up new clients.


Hello, my name is Christian Pedros and I run a branding consultancy in London, the United Kingdom. I joined Sam Owen's course last year's summer and it was at a time where my business had stalled. I wasn't able to get as many clients as I wanted to and I truly didn't understand why. I didn't see my own blind spots in my business and the courses really helped shed insight and light on that. So for a start, I was being too broad in my messaging and I hadn't really specified my niche clear enough. I wanted to be all encompassing. I wanted to have it all. That's something that even my clients suffer from. They're afraid to really hone in on their message and hone in on their niche. But as a result, the truth is, is that my messaging was too broad. My offer was too broad and I wasn't specifically hitting the real pin points of my audience. So, they didn't really feel like I was talking to them. And as a result I wasn't getting any, any, leads through my website or hardly any. And so it meant not through my Facebook advertisements. So that has helped immensely. But even more than that, I found that the consulting course was all encompassing like it brought a really powerful over comprehensive picture as to what it takes to be a successful coach an consultant. What it means to be a coach and consultant and I know this might be really obvious information to you but actually it just helped me really, really representing myself with my purpose, my focus as a consultant. As a result of really having found my niche, having developed my messaging, and also having improved my core offering as part of this course because I learned so much, has actually now uplifting my own product in the way that I'm able to bring it marketing my clients. So my business has changed and it wasn't within six weeks but I would say it was within three to four months due to Sam's amazing sales training. I was now able to basically not only get leads though the website but also get people to sign up to strategy calls. And that is pretty fantastic. So highly recommend if you're in a place where you feel stuck like I did and you need the new level of knowledge and information to really help you position yourself, get your message out there, get your offer out there in a way that is going to get your audience to respond. I strongly recommend you join in. Thank you.