5 Rating:
  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Coaching
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Garin has found the program to be worth its weight in gold. He has purchased a lot of high-end programs and believes this is within the top 5 ever. Just three weeks in, he was able to make a return on his investment and recommends the program for others.


Hi. My name is Garin Bader, and I wanted to make a real quick testimonial for Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Program. It is an absolutely great, great program. In fact, it's probably within the top five that I've ever purchased, and I've purchased a lot of high end programs that promise a lot and don't deliver. This delivers on many, many levels. From the training to scripting, to mental coach training, and that's very important to me. I'm an award-winning concert pianist. I travel around the world. I've won 13 international competitions as both a concert pianist and an illusionist, but I also have my own peak performance accelerator program. It's very important to have a mindset. To be able to do incredible things you have to have that mindset, and in this program not only are you taught mindset, which I didn't even expect in this program, but you're taught and given the tools step by step that make the entire course a fantastic investment. I highly, highly recommend it. Really it is one of the top five that I've ever experienced because it is so thorough. It takes you through every step that you really, really need to have your own consulting business and to make a success out of it. Even though it's a five week course, what I was especially excited about is by week three I had already far surpassed my initial investment with securing my first client through Facebook advertising for $3,700. I was excited because to that point I hadn't been able to take the steps of doing the Facebook advertising because all of the training, expensive courses sometimes too, always seemed to leave out something, or left something so confusing that you weren't able to implement.Implementation is one of the most important things, and that's what Sam Ovens really stresses with this course. With mental training, to actually the detailed scripting, and also the implementation of exactly what you need to do online to make your coaching successful. I highly recommend this course, especially with his Facebook groups. They dedicate several hours every week just to answer questions and be detailed in every, every aspect. So Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator is highly, highly recommended by myself. Again this is Garin Bader signing off.