5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Consulting
  • Location: Harbor City, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining the Consulting Accelerator, Dan was looking for a way to learn more about the digital world. He is excited for the next month coming up here as he continues to learn.


Hey Sam Ovens, My name is Afdan Rivera from Los Angeles. Before I joined this program, I was really not understanding how I was going to be able to get all of my products and services out. I didn't have any idea of all this digital world and how it all worked. It was really just a very good eye opener when I realized that your program was exactly the fit for the type of life that I want to live. Once I got into the program, I started to realize that I needed to understand a lot of new different tools and concepts such as the using Vimeo and Unbounce and all these different things and how they all go orchestrate it together to really make it a symphony. And that was a good process. I also realized through that process that I needed to sharpen up my mindset to get it really in the right frame of mind for me to be able to believe that I could achieve the type of results that I want for my life. After that program I now feel much more confident. I know what I'm going for. I feel good and matter of fact, I'm even more excited that I'm going to be getting into the new program and so I'm looking forward to a great April 2017 and I hope to have some news soon. And thank you so much for everything you do. I love the community and just thanks for everything. Sam I hope to meet you soon.