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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Consulting
  • Location: Batesville, IN, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

The member had her own consulting company and started losing customers and eventually started working for someone else.??Throughout the course she was able to quit her job and take what she used to due and fine tune it . Her favorite part of the course was the sales script and how to get a steady flow of customers.


Hi, I'm Sharon Miller from Indiana. I'm coming today to tell you about how amazing Sam's program. Over the course of ten years, I had my own consulting company. My last couple years of having it, I was decreasing in income instead of increasing. I was struggling to figure out how to get that concept flow of customers, and a year ago, went to work for somebody else. I missed consulting tremendously, and in November of last year, I found Sam's program. I'm happy to say, in January of this year, I left my full time job. With Sam's help, going through his program, I got to understand better how to take what I did for my customers in the past and fine tune that to a specific area that I wanted to target on. I also understood how to better price my product, and how to get the confidence in myself to not waiver on that fee. Probably the biggest thing that I love and gained out of his program was the script. The script does an enormous amount for the confidence that your customer has in you, that you're listening to them, and you understand them. It has been phenomenal. That and being able to figure out how to get a steady flow of new customers coming through the door that you talk with and work with to decide whether you're the right fit for them, and vice versa. It has been an amazing opportunity that I feel that I have been given, and feel so blessed to have come across Sam's program. So far this year, I made more than I made all of last year working for my other customers and the other company. Also, probably more than I made in my last two years of having my own consulting firm. It's been life changing. I feel so blessed. I would have to say for you, jump on board. You will not regret it. Sam, thank you for an amazing program.