5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Self-help
  • Location: Tønsberg, Vestfold, Norway
  • Consulting Accelerator

Christian truly values the Consulting Accelerator program and the support of the Consulting Community Facebook group. He has used the program to make a former weakness of his a strength. He is now confident in his abilities as a businessman.


My name's Christian Alexander, and I'm from Norway. So, prior to joining Sam's consulting accelerator, I was looking for something that could provide me with the necessary foundation to build a business around providing my expertise and clarity. I've always been this like creative, expressionate, artistic kind of guy, and the practicalities around business haven't really been my strong side until now. As I did some research on the consulting accelerator and realized quite quickly that this was everything I need. So, I jumped on board and I'm so happy and grateful for making that decision because it's so much quality. And I haven't really allowed myself to go through the course itself, yet ... fully yet, although I am in the beginning and I really like the precise step-by-step action based process of it. I really enjoy the community aspect where any question you might have in relation to the course is answered by either the coaches or the admins or someone going through the course themselves, which is kind of funny because it gets so real, like the connection is so real, the advice, the experience is so real. Not to mention the success stories of people actually going through the motion, going through the steps, refining their process as they go along and achieving their great successes which is so inspirational. And so, I'm really looking forward and I'm excited to see what my future with the consulting accelerator might bring. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be one of those people ringing the bell in some months. And I would definitely recommend the consulting accelerator to anyone looking into providing and creating an amazing, beautiful life experience for themselves doing coaching, doing consulting and providing service for the world around them. So, thank you for everything.