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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Schools
  • Location: Milano, Lombardy, Italy
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining the program, Paul was an English teacher in Milan. He has used the Consulting Accelerator to learn how to approach, product, and sell his services to businesses and improve his mindset. He is looking forward to growing his business in the future.


Hey everybody. This is Paul from Gary, Indiana. I am currently living in Italy. I'm here because I got married a couple of years back. Before Sam's program, I was an English teacher here in Italy, in Milan, and I was actually doing some marketing online and I was looking for more students for myself. But then I realized that I could help other companies and then get paid for it, so I figured why not and I also understand their pain. During the program, I realized that I really needed to focus on my mindset and to not allow negative thoughts to creep in, so I still do the mindset training every day. Also, I was able to learn how to approach businesses, how to find clients in a clear, concise and easy way. After the program, I would like to continue to do consulting and also coaching. I think for my personality it's perfect. I'm an INTJ. I do recommend this program to those who are looking to find clients, for those who are looking for a coach, for those who are looking for answers. Thank you.