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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: women who don't dare to say no and have not discovered they can say yes to themselves
  • Location: Couze et Saint Front (Dordogne), France Metropolitan
  • Consulting Accelerator

Meet Stephanie. She's just starting the program but took the time to express what she's learned so far and talk about her niche.


Hello. I am Stephanie . I live in France. I am a manual therapist and a coach, so I work on body and mind of people to unlock the body and the mind and see the potential they can have. I bought accelerator program because I need to be more clear about my content, have more organization, a better communication, I have to learn to work on the web, and to build my offers. Also, to get confidence. I started the courses now and already the courses are made to such a way that it's a good frame to start somewhere and to know how to reach the other side. My target is more clear now. Already I found my niche. From being completely lost in the possible ways and possible targets, now I am clear and I have a million of ideas coming. Also, for the moment, I got already some confidence when also to be part of the group, which is so inspiring. Also, it helps so much. Yeah. I hope I was clear.