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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Education
  • Location: Austin, Texas, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the program, Will was in the public education system. He has gone through parts of the training and over time has started a successful business. He would recommend the program to anybody who feels they have a special set of skills that they can help a business with.


My name is William Frasier. I'm shooting this from Austin, Texas in the United States where I live and work. Before, during, and after going through the Consulting Accelerator original program, my life stayed basically the same. I was a public school educator when I started the program and I stayed one during it, and then I ended up not completing the full original program. Here's why. I got to the point in it where you pick the specific niche that you are going to become a consultant in, and I got to that part, I remember it being very specific to don't move beyond this point until you've really picked one. I hit a snag at that spot. My inner sense of accountability and integrity was telling me that it wouldn't be right for me to pose as an expert in any of these fields yet. That's the point that I hit a snag at and I didn't end up completing the program. That being said, I since then have started a business, a successful business, and a really valuable skillset that's not that common. I'm very grateful. I was already planning to go back into the original program and leverage the skills and I plan to go into the 2.0. I'm so thankful that you have made the offer. I do recommend Consulting Accelerator to anybody who feels like they have specific knowledge, specific skills that they would be able to offer to a business or to people who need those perspectives. Why? Because it's a way for you to share your gifts, but also to have the knowhow of how to make a life out of that.