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  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Life Management
  • Location: Halsham, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Within 12 days, Zander was getting on the phone and talking with clients. He has used the sales funnel taught inside to take his business form $1,000/month to $250,000 in 6 months. He is now up to $70,000/month.


Hi, I'm Zander from Yorkshire, England. Before I began Sam's program, I'd started my own consulting business about four months before. I previously worked for another consulting company as a coach, but I was really struggling to get clients. I had one or two different clients, but they weren't really doing the thing that I really wanted to be doing, and the money just wasn't there. And I was spending all this money. I'd paid other coaches to learn how to do webinars and how to do all kinds of things that just hadn't worked. Then, in getting in Sam's program, within 12 days I'd built my first video sales letter and was already getting leads and on calls with clients that were more qualified to be in with it. And so, it was a fantastic program. I'd been head of online development at my previous company for years, and I learned things about digital marketing and about Facebook advertising that just blew me away. And what actually resulted in going through the program and learning those things about the Facebook algorithm, about how to properly structure the sales funnel is, my business went from just a couple of clients, maybe earning 1,000 in revenue, or 2,000 in revenue a month, to actually we started selling the program I'd built for my clients. Just that alone, and we did over $250,000 in six months, and my monthly revenue is up to about 70,000, not even through coaching, just using the principles that Sam taught to really scale up our Facebook advertising for the product that we built for our coaching clients. I cannot thank him enough. It's absolutely transformed my business, and now we're looking to get investment from other people, because we've grown so much with what we've developed, and so I'd highly recommend this program to anyone. It is an unbelievable program, and you can't go wrong if you just get stuck in and follow Sam's principles, because he's built a product and cares about the product and your success so much. And the community for raising your standards is just amazing.